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L.I.M School Uniforms inc trousers

The Advantages of School Uniform

There always seems to be one debate or another with people arguing both for and against school uniform. School kids often ask their parent ‘why do we have to wear school uniform?’ Well, we’re not going to solve that debate here and now, but what we can do is offer some of our favourite reasons for school uniform being worn.

Firstly, school kids will always find something to disagree about, especially about things like fashion. Therefore, a good school uniform gives them one less thing to disagree or bully each other about, as well as giving groups and classes a cohesive team feeling. If the kids aren’t worried about what they’re wearing and if someone will comment negatively on it, then they will be much more focused and comfortable in class.

Another advantage of wearing school uniform is that it helps teachers! How does it help the teachers you ask? Well, a lot of teachers report that not having to check every article of a student’s clothing to make sure they’re up to scratch and adhere to regulations is a big time saver and helps them be more efficient!

Finally, another advantage of school uniform is the fact that it helps save time, both in the morning and when buying the clothes. Since your kid won’t need to worry about choosing what to wear in the morning, they’ll be able to get ready faster (or more likely spend a sneaky extra few minutes in bed). It also means that there will be less shopping trips around the year (especially if you order online from our store!)

We have a fantastic range of great quality school uniforms, including slim fit school trousers, regular fit school trousers for boys and girls, branded shirts, sportswear, bags, and much more, making L.I.M Clothing the best choice for buying your school uniform.

L.I.M School Uniforms inc trousers

The School Trouser Conundrum

When it comes to buying school uniform, regardless of what time of year, one of the most important things to consider is size. Obviously, kids grow very fast; and what with those rude, unexpected growth spurts, it can be very frustrating for parents who buy their children brand new school trousers (for example) only to watch in horror as their children suddenly shoot up and no longer fit in the trousers after a few weeks! Of course, on the other hand, what if you buy your children’s school uniform a size or two too big for that very reason, only to find that they don’t have that anticipated growth spurt? You’ve got to strike a perfect balancing act between buying larger for them to grow into, and not buying so large that they’re left feeling like they’re wearing a small tent. It’s a good thing, then, that L.I.M are so helpful when it comes to size.

L.I.M School uniform inc school trousers

Classic L.I.M Style.

We offer our boys’ chino trousers and slim fit girls’ trousers, as well as our regular fit girls’ trousers in a huge range of sizes, but how do you decide which size is right for you (or your child specifically)? Well, there’s no need to worry! You can consult our handy trouser size chart, which will help you understand trouser sizes for men, women’s trouser sizes, as well as explaining trouser sizes in inches and centimetres. It’s helpful, clear and very convenient, so when you buy your school trousers (available all year round) you know that you’re making a good, informed decision, that’s the best possible choice for you.

Once you’ve finished buying those trousers, why not check out our selection of fantastic quality and value branded school uniform, including shirts, skirts, bags, and knitwear.

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Looking for the best quality school trousers? Look no further than L.I.M

Our slim fit school trousers are some of our most popular and unique products. We say they’re unique, because no other school trouser manufacturer makes them quite like we do! The fit and fabric of our slim fit girl’s trousers and our slim fit boy’s trousers are almost impossible to match. With their fantastic soft feel, perfect fit and wide variety of sizes, it’s no wonder they’re the most popular school trousers in Cardiff.

Slim Fit School Trousers

Our slim fit girls’ trousers.

As a matter of fact, in a recent review of our boy’s chino trousers, the trousers were described as being ‘fantastic quality; the material is lovely and thick and the hems and details are finished beautifully’.

L.I.M Slim Fit Boys Trousers

A great example of our boys’ chino trousers.

We here at L.I.M Clothing take pride in both the products we provide and the service we offer, so we were naturally delighted to hear how well they were received. The trousers are great for after school, too, with many parents telling us that their children enjoy wearing them even on the weekend. You don’t often hear that about school uniform!

Our trousers are all available on our website or in certain shops, and if you order them online, they will be delivered by courier straight to your door. In addition to our brilliant trousers, we also have a wide range of shirts, bags, knitwear such as cardigans and jumpers and plenty more! And all of these are available at a great price and can be delivered to anywhere in the UK.

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The back to school blues – School uniform struggles

The back to school blues have begun. Nobody likes having to spend a whole bundle of money on their children’s’ new school uniform, and people certainly don’t like it when they have to buy a whole new uniform, right after they’ve already paid for the first one! But this is the case in plenty of schools across the UK, where the schools are being upgraded to academy status, and are then totally changing their uniforms… after term has already started!

Naturally, a lot of parents are pretty upset about that rubbish, as we would be! Thankfully, L.I.M Clothing offer great uniforms at fantastic value. Whether it’s our slim fit girls trousers or one of our branded shirts, we offer a wide and high quality range of affordable school uniform, as well as clothes for outside school, too!

L.I.M School Uniform

Some of our great school uniform and branded shirts.

As one of the best school uniform shops in Cardiff, we understand the frustration parents feel when they need to buy more uniforms, either because the school has changed it, or because it’s become worn and ruined. That’s why we’re committed to providing parents with the best possible quality school uniforms at the best possible price

While we may be one of the best school uniform suppliers in Cardiff, we also ship our products UK-wide! Our school uniforms and accessories can all be ordered from our website, and they will be specially delivered by courier right to your door! So if you don’t have access to one of our suppliers, there’s no need to worry!

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Get your back to school uniform from L.I.M Clothing!

With back to school fever (a little uncomfortably) gripping parents around the country, it’s more important than ever to get great value school uniform that not only lasts, but is also super comfortable and something that kids actually want to wear.

If that’s what you’re looking for then you need look no further than L.I.M Clothing. We offer a wide variety of great quality clothes, including our fantastic (and fantastically popular!) trousers. Our trousers are cheap, comfortable and robust, as well as being trendy and stylish. They come in many heights and sizes, and are suitable for most ages.

Our trousers are almost unique; especially our incredibly popular slim fit girls trousers, which are almost impossible to match. They’re fantastically fitting, with a soft feel and stylish look, making them the most popular trouser in the South Wales area!

Slim Fit School Trousers

Some of our slim fit girls trousers!

We’ve even received a letter from a year 9 student in a local school who was so unhappy with her school’s new uniform change that she wrote to us, asking us to supply her school with our slim fit trousers. She didn’t want to wear what she liked to call “Mum’s favourite school trousers” and told us that she, and many others, “would love nothing more than to come back in September wearing your trousers with our brand new uniforms.” Of course, we helped her and her friends out.

We do more than just trousers, mind you! With a wide selection of branded bags, shirts, cardigans, jumpers and much more, we have just about everything you need for a great value, even greater quality school uniform.