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The back to school blues – School uniform struggles

The back to school blues have begun. Nobody likes having to spend a whole bundle of money on their children’s’ new school uniform, and people certainly don’t like it when they have to buy a whole new uniform, right after they’ve already paid for the first one! But this is the case in plenty of schools across the UK, where the schools are being upgraded to academy status, and are then totally changing their uniforms… after term has already started!

Naturally, a lot of parents are pretty upset about that rubbish, as we would be! Thankfully, L.I.M Clothing offer great uniforms at fantastic value. Whether it’s our slim fit girls trousers or one of our branded shirts, we offer a wide and high quality range of affordable school uniform, as well as clothes for outside school, too!

L.I.M School Uniform

Some of our great school uniform and branded shirts.

As one of the best school uniform shops in Cardiff, we understand the frustration parents feel when they need to buy more uniforms, either because the school has changed it, or because it’s become worn and ruined. That’s why we’re committed to providing parents with the best possible quality school uniforms at the best possible price

While we may be one of the best school uniform suppliers in Cardiff, we also ship our products UK-wide! Our school uniforms and accessories can all be ordered from our website, and they will be specially delivered by courier right to your door! So if you don’t have access to one of our suppliers, there’s no need to worry!

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