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Looking for the best quality school trousers? Look no further than L.I.M

Our slim fit school trousers are some of our most popular and unique products. We say they’re unique, because no other school trouser manufacturer makes them quite like we do! The fit and fabric of our slim fit girl’s trousers and our slim fit boy’s trousers are almost impossible to match. With their fantastic soft feel, perfect fit and wide variety of sizes, it’s no wonder they’re the most popular school trousers in Cardiff.

Slim Fit School Trousers

Our slim fit girls’ trousers.

As a matter of fact, in a recent review of our boy’s chino trousers, the trousers were described as being ‘fantastic quality; the material is lovely and thick and the hems and details are finished beautifully’.

L.I.M Slim Fit Boys Trousers

A great example of our boys’ chino trousers.

We here at L.I.M Clothing take pride in both the products we provide and the service we offer, so we were naturally delighted to hear how well they were received. The trousers are great for after school, too, with many parents telling us that their children enjoy wearing them even on the weekend. You don’t often hear that about school uniform!

Our trousers are all available on our website or in certain shops, and if you order them online, they will be delivered by courier straight to your door. In addition to our brilliant trousers, we also have a wide range of shirts, bags, knitwear such as cardigans and jumpers and plenty more! And all of these are available at a great price and can be delivered to anywhere in the UK.

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