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Get your back to school uniform from L.I.M Clothing!

With back to school fever (a little uncomfortably) gripping parents around the country, it’s more important than ever to get great value school uniform that not only lasts, but is also super comfortable and something that kids actually want to wear.

If that’s what you’re looking for then you need look no further than L.I.M Clothing. We offer a wide variety of great quality clothes, including our fantastic (and fantastically popular!) trousers. Our trousers are cheap, comfortable and robust, as well as being trendy and stylish. They come in many heights and sizes, and are suitable for most ages.

Our trousers are almost unique; especially our incredibly popular slim fit girls trousers, which are almost impossible to match. They’re fantastically fitting, with a soft feel and stylish look, making them the most popular trouser in the South Wales area!

Slim Fit School Trousers

Some of our slim fit girls trousers!

We’ve even received a letter from a year 9 student in a local school who was so unhappy with her school’s new uniform change that she wrote to us, asking us to supply her school with our slim fit trousers. She didn’t want to wear what she liked to call “Mum’s favourite school trousers” and told us that she, and many others, “would love nothing more than to come back in September wearing your trousers with our brand new uniforms.” Of course, we helped her and her friends out.

We do more than just trousers, mind you! With a wide selection of branded bags, shirts, cardigans, jumpers and much more, we have just about everything you need for a great value, even greater quality school uniform.

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