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The School Trouser Conundrum

When it comes to buying school uniform, regardless of what time of year, one of the most important things to consider is size. Obviously, kids grow very fast; and what with those rude, unexpected growth spurts, it can be very frustrating for parents who buy their children brand new school trousers (for example) only to watch in horror as their children suddenly shoot up and no longer fit in the trousers after a few weeks! Of course, on the other hand, what if you buy your children’s school uniform a size or two too big for that very reason, only to find that they don’t have that anticipated growth spurt? You’ve got to strike a perfect balancing act between buying larger for them to grow into, and not buying so large that they’re left feeling like they’re wearing a small tent. It’s a good thing, then, that L.I.M are so helpful when it comes to size.

L.I.M School uniform inc school trousers

Classic L.I.M Style.

We offer our boys’ chino trousers and slim fit girls’ trousers, as well as our regular fit girls’ trousers in a huge range of sizes, but how do you decide which size is right for you (or your child specifically)? Well, there’s no need to worry! You can consult our handy trouser size chart, which will help you understand trouser sizes for men, women’s trouser sizes, as well as explaining trouser sizes in inches and centimetres. It’s helpful, clear and very convenient, so when you buy your school trousers (available all year round) you know that you’re making a good, informed decision, that’s the best possible choice for you.

Once you’ve finished buying those trousers, why not check out our selection of fantastic quality and value branded school uniform, including shirts, skirts, bags, and knitwear.

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