The Best School Uniforms from Around the World

Uniforms are an essential element of school culture. While we detested top buttons, pinafores and scratchy trousers growing up, as adults we can appreciate the sensible practicality of school uniforms. The best uniforms must be comfortable, weather appropriate and incorporate sophisticated style at the same time. We take a look at some of the best school uniforms from around the world.

1. Uzbekistan
Peretz Partensky / via Flickr
School Uniform Uzbekistan

2. India
Stephan Rebernik / via Flickr
School Uniform India

3. Japan
Tunimal / via Flickr
School Uniform Japan

4. Sri Lanka
Danish Refugee Council / via Flickr
School Uniform Sri Lanka

5. Australia
Philip Bouchard / via Flickr
School Uniform Australia

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