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Normal school uniforms might constrain your style, and not match some of the season's best accessories or indeed your lifestyle. That is why the LIM School Clothing offer design, fitting, convenience and functionality and everything you need to be yourself in your uniform and after school activities. Since you can't experiment with your clothes, or have fun with all the extras we have made a range of high fashionable school clothing that can become an integral part of a student’s life.

What sets LIM School Clothing apart from other online school clothing stores is that we don't copy trends; rather, we put our own twist and style on them. We also place great emphasis on quality with high attention to detail, while using the finest quality fabrics so you can be certain that you are purchasing a garment that will take prime place in your wardrobe for many, many years to come.

If you browse on our website you will see that LIM School Clothing caters to Men, women, boys and girls of all shapes and sizes so do check out our Size Guide as we want to make sure all our items fit like a glove and matches in with their wearers personality too. We also rewarding our customers with special offers and incredible deals. If you head to the Look Book section you will see a wealth of stunning school fashion trends and styles that we have in stock. We also offer several free delivery options, as well as a complimentary luxury gift-wrapping service if requested.