About us

Lim School Clothing

Born from a principle idea of how to make schoolwear fashionable yet smart. Yee Wai Lim at the time only 19 years old and in the middle of university, sat through years of high school watching kids grow weary of their traditional old uniform. Watching girls rebel and wear trousers with inappropriate names and fits, watching jeans, trainers and cardigans arrive on the scene and their was the idea. Simply put what if you could make schoolwear cool and build a 'cool' brand around it to make it a package? The LIM school trousers range was born! Quickly accelerating itself to the fastest and biggest selling trouser in South Wales, it has lead us to grow to a range of products that not only cater for school, but for formal, golf and other uses. Coupled with that is the new fashion range, new bag range and planned range of shoes. Lim School Clothing is making uniform for all ages 'cool' , fashionable yet smart and traditional! The best of both worlds. Wai carefully came up with the plan and idea and now Lim School Clothing is what you see today.


Once upon a time in ancient Britain, there lived many dragons, but what the stories forgot to tell you about was the Phoenix, Lim, who also guarded many a realm.

He used to have a normal name – although this cannot be disclosed due to restrictions laid out by the Data Protection Act (1998).

There was a time when he walked the streets like any other normal, average, phoenix. Trouble was though, Lim was never a normal, or indeed ‘average’ phoenix. In fact, from an early age, he rejected the peaceful life that his ancestors before him had thrived in. Instead, he chose to be something powerful, something more. He spent his days flying round, fiercely and nobly protecting the feeble villagers from the hungry and ferocious dragons.

The dragons outnumbered Lim 100-1, but he persevered. The villagers began to cheer and rejoice whenever they saw Lim. He fought off any dragons who attempted to eat the villagers until only one dragon remained.

This last fight was powerful; explosions were felt thousands of miles away and it continued until the phoenix finally beat the dragon. At the last moment, as the dragon was crashing down to the ground, he struck out his wing, piercing the heart of the phoenix and bringing him down with him.

The villagers gathered round and mourned for their saviour, their beacon of hope. As they cried, their tears fused with the ashes which ignited a spark; a figure we now know to be the crest of LIM, began to rise from the ashes. This one phoenix was stronger than 100 dragons... Less is more.

Today Lim School Clothing stands for a beacon of hope, bringing fashion and inspiration in the name of the phoenix.